Yes. Yes, yes, yes, 1000x YES.

CrossFit is, in fact, a great way to go from “not in shape” to “in shape” as quickly as possible. It is not only heavy barbells and advanced gymnastics work, but is is a total body workout that uses intensity to get you the best workout you’ve ever had within 60 minutes.

At Ardent Fitness we focus on the basics first, with everyone. We understand that it may be hard to start a new routine, so everybody starts with one-on-one sessions to learn the basics and get their baseline level set. Our professional coaches do not run more than twelve people per group class. This allows maximum attention on everyone who attends.

So what are you waiting for? We are here to help and want to be your new home for fitness. Come in for your No-Sweat Intro today!

-Chase Tolleson


CF Weightlifting

USAW Sports Performance Coach

OPEX CCP in journey