Let me start this off by saying that abs are not always an indicator of health. You can be perfectly healthy and not have abs. Abs are hard to attain, and even harder to maintain.

Muscle mass is the result of resistance training, couple with good sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

Fat loss is the result of consuming less calories than you burn.

Can you do both at the same time?

Yes, but it takes some hard and focused work. You need to be diligent with your intake, sleep, and even stress management. You need to find the sweet spot in your food intake where it is not provide stores for more fat but still giving your body enough fuel to grow your muscles.

Every body is different, but on a broad scale we can say that adding muscle and losing fat at the same time will require lots of time under tension – aka lift a lot of weights – and a very clean diet. Sleep 7-9 hours each night, uninterrupted. Eat more grams of protein than you have lbs of bodyweight, and couple it with at least that amount of carbs. Keep alcohol intake to a bare minimum and stay hydrated every day.

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-Chase Tolleson


CF Weightlifting

USAW Sports Performance Coach

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