Here it is. the Ardent secret to abs. It will change your life and the way you view fitness.

Change the way you live.

Yep, we went there. Abs require a trade-off and for many, a sacrifice. Abs are NOT a direct correlation to health and for many people to get and maintain a “sweet 8-pack” they utilize general unhealthy measures.

Let’s talk about the right way.

Diligence. Barring any physical issues, you should be able to achieve a six-pack by well, avoiding the six packs. No more White Claws, no vodka sodas. No late night snacks. No Donuts.

If you want abs AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Then you have to live AS STRICT AS POSSIBLE. Do not discount the power of consistency. Get a nutrition coach (Hi we can do that) and exercise 3-5 days a week.

However, if you enjoy drinking at least once per week, or like to order pizza and have desert when you eat out, great! We’re happy that you are enjoying life in moderation. The trade-off has to then be the understanding that you are a general healthy individual, but your lifestyle choices are more important than looking for abs in the mirror. And that’s fine, you have to do what bring fulfillment to YOUR life.

Abs are cool. Balance is cooler. If you legitimately do not enjoy drinking or weekly junk food then you will probably end up with visible abs. If you would rather party a little bit but still eat generally clean and move your body, we’re happy for you for living your life the way that best suits you.

-Chase Tolleson


CF Weightlifting

USAW Sports Performance Coach

OPEX CCP in journey