Short answer – no.

Long answer – never.

We get a lot of inquiring minds at Ardent Fitness. People who want to start or restart their fitness journey and are looking to call us their home.

Recently, I was talking to a prospective new client when she said “Well I’m 42 and have never worked out a day in my life, is it too late to get started?” And my head spun. Not because of the question, but because I had never considered that this concern might even be an existing thought for some people. I immediately felt like I had missed the mark on helping you all understand the roadmap to fitness.

It is never too late to start. At Ardent Fitness, we have had members older than 60 start their fitness journey after a lifetime of not doing any sort of dedicated physical training. Even at their age, they’ve managed to add muscle mass, gain strength, become more mentally acute, and come back to us with stories of how their doctors are completely blown away. “You’ve un-aged yourself 10 years” was a quote from one dedicated member who also had her nutrition and lifestyle in line.

The only time it will be “too late” is when you are dealing with the ramifications of a sedentary, overindulgent lifestyle and looking back playing the “shoulda woulda coulda” game.

Today is the day, and the time is now. In our gym, we are focused on building the future. Forget the habits that shaped your past and come work with us to start building habits to shape a better tomorrow.


-Chase Tolleson


CF Weightlifting

USAW Sports Performance Coach

OPEX CCP in journey