Oh boy this is quite the can of worms we’ve opened up.

When done correctly and coupled with proper recovery, weightlifting is good for your joints. Weightlifting can help to create strength balance around a joint and to strength connective tissues. It can also increase bone density and range of motion.

Having strength baleen around a joint will keep in operating in balance and pain free. Strengthening connective tissues will leave you at a decreased risk for aches and injuries. Bone density will keep you from becoming old and brittle, and increased range of motion will create better quality of life.

Weightlifting, when done for the purpose of living a good life, is largely beneficial. Everybody should be incorporating some sort of resistance training.

When done for sport, as with any competitive sport, the risks are largely increased but this is understood by those who make the choice to compete.

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-Chase Tolleson

CF Weightlifting
USAW Sports Performance Coach
OPEX CCP in Journey