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CrossFit Algonquin was an easy choice for me. The first class I had with Coach Chase and Sarah, I knew immediately I would call this place home. Since then I have worked out with each coach in the building and can say that every one of them is knowledgeable, committed to helping you move safely and efficiently, and best of all, they care about you. You will find every skill level at this gym, so if you think you can’t do it, YOU CAN. If you think you won’t fit in, YOU WILL. Trust me. CrossFit Algonquin has the best coaches, but they also have the best members. That’s the best part about joining, it is a positive community that will embrace you and support you the minute you step through the doors. We all have fun! Join us!
Mary K.

The atmosphere, coaches, and members of CrossFit Algonquin are all fabulous. The coaches really drive personal competition, pushing you toward your next personal record, but equally coach on safety at the same time. Everyone has a really great attitude and is very much team orientated in this individual sport. I love coming here and hope to for a long time. I go 5 days a week and truly miss it on those two off days.
Aaron P.

If you think investing in your wellness is worth it, then investing your time into CrossFit Algonquin is more than worth it. Chase and the facility’s members aren’t just interested in your fitness; they are interested in optimizing your health and attitude. I was an avid gym goer doing basic gym movements at a minimum level. CF Algonquin has changed my entire idea of what an athlete’s body is capable of doing (and should be doing).

I have made HUGE strides in weight lifted for my cleans, deadlifts, front and back squats, shoulder presses, and gymnastics movements. But none of that comes close to this facility’s emphasis on mobility, safety, and scaling which has gotten me to be the athlete I am today. I’ll never forget the days working on flexibility that helped me to do movements the right way. In already small class sizes, Chase and the gang give a 1-on-1 coaching feel with more tips and exercises than you know what to do with. CrossFit is awesome and will improve your fitness, but CrossFit Algonquin will improve all aspects of your life.

Jan S.

Can’t say enough amazing things about CFA! I even did a video about it Seriously, the best Crossfit I’ve ever been to – best coaches, best programming, best people. The end.

Michelle M.

I’m very happy to have joined Crossfit Algonquin. Chase and all the coaches are incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and welcoming to all different types of athletes. They stress safety and demo the break down of the different movements in every class. Members are friendly and also very welcoming. Lots of classes to fit around busy schedules too. Best gym I’ve ever joined.
Mike F.

As the sister of the owner, people may say I have a bias. In the beginning that was true, but it wasn’t the bias most people would think. It took me over two years to sign up, after watching my brother do crossfit workouts for years. He used to tell me “The workouts are able to be scaled. You will be fine.” I still was intimidated and scared. In December I met some more of the members and they were really cool people, so I decided to give it a try. In my head I thought I would only be going twice a week. I have to say, even though the workouts are intense, they really can be adjusted to different skill levels. Chase is a great coach. I am on an unlimited membership now, going five times a week. Other than Chase, the rest of supportive community is the reason I have and will keep coming back. In two short months I have made some amazing friends. They check up on me, keep me going when I falter, and celebrate every success. I’m so happy I gave it a chance.
Kaitlynn T.

After trying a couple gyms, I walked into CrossFit Algonquin and immediately knew I would return. CrossFit Algonquin has allowed me to grow in so many ways that will last a lifetime. I’ve accomplished so much in such a quick amount of time. The coaching, meeting you where you are at, the CrossFit gym community, cleanliness, and overall positive atmosphere makes CrossFit Algonquin the perfect gym.
Melanie W.

CrossFit Algonquin opened its doors for the first time at the same time I was looking for a gym after moving. I was fortunate enough that the timing worked, and I was able to benefit from what CrossFit Algonquin had to offer. I quickly found that the personalized coaching and adaptation to my physical fitness was exactly what I needed. The workouts remain challenging, as I have been able to achieve not only more mobility but increased strength. All of the members that I work out with are extremely encouraging and have developed into friends. I’m proud to say that as I approach the age of 40, through the excellent coaching, I am the most physically fit that I have ever been in my life. I look forward to many more years of working out in such a positive atmosphere.

Benjamin B.


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