This is it. This will help everything from your bones to your muscles to your heart to your kidneys.

You will feel more energized, recover faster from your workouts, and have an easier time eating the correct portion sizes.

Your digestion will improve, the left ventricle of your heart will have an easier time working, and you will recover faster from weekend parties.

Your mental clarity will improve, it will be easier to talk at length, and your performance in the gym with sky rocket.

What is this amazing fix, you ask?


Divide your bodyweight (lbs) by 2. That number is how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day, at minimum.

“That’s so much water!”

It’s probably not any more water than the amount of alcohol you can consume in 6 hours during a party. So just rearrange your mindset. Water is the drink for your fitness party. It is the libation that keeps your organs functioning smoothly and the spirit which quells inflammation.

Recently, our question of the day at the gym was “how much water have you drank so far today?” At the 4:30pm class we had answers that were far below half of the daily recommended intake, and some of these answers coming from people who workout twice a day. This was also a Monday class, when we all know we’re in the gym trying to repent for the weekend’s fun. However, this is all for naught if you are not providing your body with that sweet nectar to flush out the toxins from the weekend and refuel your body and mind.

This is easier than meal prep. It is easier than even getting to the gym. Drink your water, there’s no way around it.


Chase Tolleson


CF Weightlifitng

USAW Sports Performance Coach

OPEX CCP in journey